32 reasons to go to Laos.

#1. Changing landscape, from the moment you overfly Laos

Shortly before landing, through the porthole, you already have strong chances to perceive high reliefs, the Mekong river, the countryside and the South-East Asian jungle.

#2. Relax and don’t feel no more time having influence on you


In the country of Zen, time turns in slow motion and allows you to forget your watch by introducing you to the tranquility and the Laotian simplicity.

#3. Let yourself be pampered by the staff of human-sized charming hotels

Mass tourism is not arrived to Laos yet! An enjoyment for all the amateurs of tranquility and intimacy. At the hotel, as in guest houses, you receive the best treatment in an idyllic frame inspired by nature and local culture.

#4. The Laotian apathy

Do not wait for an extreme diligence and shape of hypocrisy. Laos is mainly rural and kept a very rustic attitude and newly city dweller with the emergence of cities as Vientiane.

#5. Sincerity and authenticity of a destination far from the bling-bling

Laotian people has simple life without social competition. They have their own little habits, are very attached to their traditions and manners, like sharing, partying and live on the bare minimum without any demonstration.

#6. The rhythm of life, where we take time to go slowly

No need to run and to visit everything at all costs, you won’t have any regret. Impregnate you and enjoy your experience to live unforgettable moments.

#7. Live outside: walk, ride, paddle, climb …

There are numerous activities of height-air just for you. No matter your destination, if you are looking for adventures, you can make some trekking, bike, Tyrolean or to bathe in natural swimming pools either. Discover the country during a “road-trip” in scooter or hot-air balloon for most epicureans. These activities are very often located in unique, sacred and totally unusual places.

#8. Quench you with a fresh coconut

Like this dear mister Barack Obama, you can sip in any place fresh fruits, cut in front of you with machete or mixed with the ice to give some energy for your next adventures.

#9. The feeling to feel you alone in the world (or almost)

Even in high season, you never collapse under tourists or mass meetings. Be free to leave and to take advantage purely of the nature to take exceptional clichés worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

#10. Landscape diversity of wild mountains, fertile plains and rivers benefactresses

Laos is still very wild and shelters numerous natural facets. Very mountainous with summits which can reach 2820m (mount Phou Bia), it also possesses vast plains and jungles which recover almost the entire country. The relief protects partially from the strong monsoons of its nearby countries and guarantees protection and fertility in rice fields and fields via its rivers and rivers in abundance.

#11. Sip Beer Lao at sunset on the Mekong

The inescapable and unique ” Beer lao ” is the local beer, which, besides being the most consummate drink of the country, is that the Coca-Cola is in the United States: an emblem of success that you find everywhere on all the shop windows, tables, restaurants, etc. Very accessible at unless 2€ the bottle you can cool and take advantage completely of the sunset in terrace; a pure delight.

#12. The relaxed rhythm of life, influenced by Buddhism

Formerly a state religion, Buddhism is a part of Laos and very practiced with more than 50 % of the population. Respect of life and for the others, you understand at once why Laos is so peaceful and where life is enjoyable. Participating at a Buddhist parties is an experience incomparable and a moment of enjoyment.

#13. The relaxed atmosphere day and night

Life falls asleep at sunset in most of the cities/villages. However, in big cities such as Vientiane, Luang Prabang or Vang Vieng you can always find a good bar/club to extend your night experience between friends or with locals.

#14. The feeling of safety(security), safety and stability of the destination

Laos has a very low rate of criminality, lower than most of European countries like France, from a last study and the relations with westerner people is very good. The Popular Democratic Republic of is authoritarian seemingly but very liberal when you experiment it. There is not much police presence and tourists are very free of their movements. Watch to respect the manners and the rules of life.

#15. Bathe in tropical waterfalls in the middle of the jungle

What better than being able to take advantage of natural waterfalls, forming swimming pools and being able to cool by 30°C. Just like the falls of Kuang Si (on the picture), you will find numerous similar places in the country: wild zones, full of mysteries. A true haven!

#16. Go shopping on the open-air local markets of small crafts business

Day markets and night markets of Laos propose you real small treasures. From the small hand-made crafts business, sculptures, drawings, clothes, to cheap souvenirs, you can make real affairs.

#17. Explore sacred caves into limestone cliffs

Discover fascinating caves with multiple Buddha’s representations in a Zen and unique frame. By boat, in kayak or by feet, there is multiple manners to find them, almost everywhere in the country.

#18. The Laotian traditional massages. Revivifying after a bike ride

More than inescapable, the Laotian massages are a must to do. After long hours of activity under a beating sun, you feel naturally the need and you do not regret it.

#19. Meetings with the ethnic minorities which populate Laos

The Laotian population contains 80 different ethnic groups with their own cultures, traditions, religions etc. 4 main branches are Laos Thai (or Laos Loum, Lowlands) (75 % of the population of Laos) with 23 ethnic groups. Laos Theung (lands of average height) with 58 different ethnic groups. Laos Soung (living in mountains over 1000 meters): in particular Hmongs and Yaos. & others Asian. A social experience that you shouldn’t underestimated.

#20. Rice fields nuances of green, dense forests and luxuriant gardens

Laos can also be green as Ireland countryside during and after the rainy season, offering wonderful landscapes with the Asia touch which makes the charm of the region.

#21. Share moments with elephants and have a bathe with them

This impressive pachyderm is the symbol of Laos. Endangered and vulnerable because of the human development, they are nevertheless protected and respected. Go to meet them to bring them your affection, brush & feed them and go to bathe you with them. An experience which will make your friends jealous!

#22. Become a real millionaire, in Laotian Kips

Yes! With approximately 115€, you exceed the million KIPS/LAK (local currency) and aspire to millionaire’s status (in Laos). Imagine all that you can make with it!

#23. Taste healthy, varied and cheap food

As Laos is a mainly rural region, the products of the earth are rich. You find every day fresh products on markets, basis of all these delicious dishes which are proposed to you in caravans’ street food, restaurants and these unforgettable markets restaurants: like in Luang Prabang where you got buffets for only 15.000 kip: 1,70€ your plate and take whatever you want.

#24. Participate in workshops and experiences in total dumping

Discover and master the Laotian cooking in all its manners to make with a passionate Laotian. Cooking, cutting vegetables, preparation of sauces and sticky rice, you can taste then all together your own feast.

#25. A unique small crafts business and kept since generations

Laotians are real artists regarding weaving. You will find any kind of hand-made products on markets and in certain small stores.

#26. Play petanque (balls) with locals in the shade of a tamarind tree

Laotians have 4 main sports among two national sports: Sepak Takraw (volleyball with feet) and Muay Lao (Laotian boxing), as well as Football, their favorite sport, they even follow European football teams. Without forgetting the petanque! Yes, yes! Probably imported by the French colonization, you find improvised grounds like on the picture in almost all the cities and villages. Beware, locals will stand up to all best Mediterranean players.

#27. A cruise on the Mekong, this mythical river, real backbone of the country

If you think that cruises are old-fashioned or reserved to the oldest, you are wrong! Take advantage of a cruise offers a panorama and possibilities of discovery that you did not imagine. Savor delicious cocktails in front of jungles and mountains aboard bananas boats. Make stops to meet local villagers. Enjoy a sunset over the water with a tasty traditional or western meal.

#28. The tropical showers which refresh the air from 35°C to 25°C

What can be better than being able to breathe during and after a small tropical shower when the temperature falls of 10°C. A real happiness when it is warm! However think of sheltering you or take out the shampoo because these showers have of the flow.

#29. A return to basics with the omnipresence of the countryside and the rural life

Can’t stand of city, the pollution, the ceaseless noise of horns and noise? Laos is the perfect destination which will not make you hate the countryside. The tranquility, landscape diversity and its villages will tempt you to escape and to take advantage completely of this serenity.

#30. Relativize and do good around you during meetings with more disadvantaged

Despite the huge poverty in Laos, its inhabitants are not behind you non-stop. Take the time to meet them, share discussions, a meal and exchange your visions of the world.

#31. Our “Guarantee good weather” who refunds you in case of bad weather which penalizes your amazing holidays.

When you go on holiday you expect and pray to get a magnificent sun during the activities of your dreams. Out of the question that the rain ruins your holidays. One Click To Asia is unfortunately not Weatherman but refund you in cash your rainy days! Then, leave with the easy conscience because even by rainy day, we want you to keep smiling until your departure.

#32. Share your selfies and experiences on the social medias, just to defy those who won’t have dared the travel (yet)

Because to share and to make jealous the others is also one of your favorite moments. You will have the most beautiful albums and you will want to return with your close friends to relive more intense moments.

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