Discover the most beautiful places in China

More and more acclaimed by tourists, China became one of the most popular destinations in Asia. Even if the Middle Empire was famous for its increasing economy and modernity in its big cities, you shouldn’t forget that China is a millennium and huge nation. This country owns historical treasures and wonderful landscapes. Here are 5 touristic places which deserve to be seen during a trip in China.

The Forbidden City

For more than 5 centuries, the Forbidden City of Beijing had been the residence of the successive emperors, their families and their advisors. Since its opening, it is one of the unavoidable places to visit during a trip in China. The Palace Museum as we currently call it, keeps numerous imperials treasures, masterpieces and relics. This wide architectural complex is well conserved, and a guided tour will dive you into imperial Chinese history.

Hangzhou, heaven on earth

Hangzhou is a charming city built on the shores of the West Lake. Its beauty has seduced all visitors who come, and even Marco Polo names it Heaven on earth. Nowadays, the city hasn’t lost of its original charm. It’s a green city, full of gardens and temples to visit like Lingyin, without forgetting its beautiful pagodas and its old walking street Qinghefang. Go also explore the surroundings, in particular to enjoy the tea plantations of Long Jing and to walk on forests trails which will lead you in the middle of bamboos.

The Terracotta Army

Discovered in 1974 inside the emperor Quin mausoleum, close to the city of Xi’an, the Terracotta Army is made of thousands terracotta statues. They represent human-size soldiers and officers wearing different uniforms and helmets, depending on their rank or task. We can also contemplate horses and carts statues. But what makes this visit memorable is to seem seeing a true army ready for battle.

The Jiuzhaigou valley

Nestled in the mountains of the Chinese province of Sichuan, in the southern west of the country, the Jiuzhaigou valley is full of beautiful landscapes. It is particularly famous for the beauty of its waterfalls, its dense vegetation, its atypical villages, its crystal clear lakes and its high snowed peaks. Since 1992, this valley figure on the UNESCO list. Several trails will enable you to go hiking in this natural reserve. Whether it will be for a single or a several days guided hike, it will lead you to discover the park biodiversity and its surrounding villages.

The Great Wall

This Chinese symbolic monument must be figured in your to do list during your Chinese trip. This huge building is not visible from space contrary to popular belief, while it measures 20.000km of length. It’s possible to visit several sections of it with a guide, including the most popular ones: Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai, or the Jiayuguan Fort. In order to enjoy your visit of the Great Wall, it’s recommended to avoid to explore it during winter.