The best destinations of Asia for its summer holidays

When we talk about holidays, we think concretely about several destinations and Asia is necessarily a part of it. Indeed, this continent offers many possibilities for trips between friends, as a couple or as a family. The options are so numerous that it is recommended to inform beforehand before traveling.

Asia: to visit according to the season

Asia offers many possibilities for all skiers. Whether it is for the amateur of entertainment, sports or cultural visits, everyone will necessarily find footwear to his foot on this continent. Of course, it is recommended to choose the destination according to the season. After all, some areas are more conducive to tourism during certain seasons and others do not. In the spring, for example, parts of Asia are not yet in the monsoon period. You will live in the dry season at this time. Some even experience a heat wave and a high level of humidity. It is according to geographical variations that India and Nepal can be visited during the month of March. During the month of April, it is advisable not to go to Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan or the Philippines. To visit Bali and China, it is best to wait until the end of spring.

The different periods to visit Asia

It is in summer that many parts of Asia enter the Monsoon period. There will be high humidity and high winds. During this period, prefer Indonesia as well as Japan. Malaysia is also a good alternative in June. It is during the autumn, more precisely in October that it is advisable to travel in Asia since it is the tourist season, in Laos in particular. Otherwise, winter can also be a good time to go to Asia. The sun is at the rendezvous and the temperature guarantees a magnificent stay in all the regions of Asia (despite the possibility of being confronted with cool nights, as in Nepal).

Article written by Paseotours