Feel, Do & See Laos

Laos is a collection of multi-ethnic people, spread over rugged and spectacular landscapes. From the remote mountainous north, the central plains and the plateaus in the south. The country is connected by vast waterways – leaving spectacular sights and waterfalls – as well as providing interesting means of travel. Tourist hot-spots such as the majestic Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage town, as well as the capital Vientiane offer all that the modern tourist can desire, with classy accommodation and five star dining. But step just outside and discover the National Geographic way of life of the many welcoming and friendly ethnic groups spread from city edges to the most remote of locations on Earth.

Being geographically landlocked, Laos is fast improving its reach with neighbour countries thanks to consequent investments in roads and heavy infrastructures.

It is possible to visit Laos year-round. Temperatures are always clement. With 2 distinct seasons, one wet and one dry, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the country’s spectacular sceneries and friendly people. We assure you that rainfalls will not disturb your journey with our Good Weather Guarantee!

To ease your understanding of the interests of the main regions of Laos, we have decided to detach some geographic areas as follows:

Deep South

Deep South

Between plateau and archipelago : an amazing diversity