Sinouk Coffee Resort

Bolaven Plateau

OneclicktoAsia features Sinouk Coffee Resort as part of our COSY hotels selection.

Number of rooms: 18

Types of rooms:

  • 1 Twin Standard;
  • 4 Twin Master;
  • 6 Double Master;
  • 2 Twin Deluxe Superior;
  • 4 Double Deluxe Superior;
  • 1 Suite

Facilities and amenities

Restaurant, private balcony, Wi-Fi at the restaurant, visit of the gardens by the manager or owner

We Like

The well-groomed gardens and Sinouk Coffee Resort overall structure. Its little charming stream with coffee plantations all around. A real unexpected haven of peace in one of the most important farming regions in Laos that visitors merely visit in a day trip excursion from/to Pakse.

The relaxing and refreshing feeling of the Resort, especially during the hot season, and coming from the plain of the Mekong earlier.

A well-groomed and caring staff.

A French-speaking resort manager who will be thrilled to show you around the gardens and the place that will make you understand that the site is more than just a simple Resort.

The cozy bright rooms and a nice sense of details about the finishes and decoration. The wood-made lodge heightens the comfortable aspect of the structure.

In the early morning, when the temperatures are cool, you will for sure appreciate taking your breakfast enjoying the view from the terrace overlooking the waterfalls and flowered gardens.

Desserts and pastries are simply excellent and the coffee (naturally made by “Sinouk Coffee”) is a real joy for taste buds. So well that some world coffee experts even sometimes qualify the Lao coffee from the Boloven Plateau as the “Champagne of Coffee”.

Between Us

The site is pretty distant from Pakse and it will be difficult for you to have dinner elsewhere around! But do not worry. The restaurant of the Resort is very good and offers a refined stylish gastronomy with tasty dishes at very reasonable prices. If you are in the mood to treat yourself a good bottle of wine, you may be surprised by the choice there.

The owner, frequently visiting, is a philanthropist Lao businessman who is literally in love with the Boloven Plateau area and its coffee, grounds of his childhood. He has transmitted his passion from his family and now, Laotians and visitors alike enjoy Sinouk Coffee’s coffees all around the country. His Resort is the ideal start base for those intrepid vacationers willing to know more about the coffee in Laos, without compromise on quality and nor hurting their budget either!

This place definitely deserves a stop and some attention. Forget about the Wi-Fi in your room, enjoy the calm and immerse yourself in a good book. At sunset, close your eyes and listen to the frogs or insects that will remind you that you are surrounded by nature.

Sinouk Coffee Resort is a not-to-be-missed unique place which deserves at least two nights, or even more, if you do not want to leave with the impression “if we had known, we would have stayed longer”.

Feel free to explore the resort’s website to know more.

CONTACT DIRECTLY THE RESORT to know more about their room rates and special offers.

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