Hotels in Laos

Spend a night in a bamboo hut on the edge of the jungle, or pamper yourself in pure indulgence in a palatial paradisiacal hotel. Mingle with locals or escape into your own slice of heaven. Oneclicktoasia’s local agents will help you choose exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Let’s make it clear. While we live and operate in Asia, we have taken the position to refer to international hospitality standards when talking about Asian hotels and resorts.

This said, it means that any statement we formulate about properties is embraced in a western mindset and frame of reference. So that our guests have a fair and accurate understanding of what to expect when traveling.


SAVVY – Good deals with appeal.

The most eclectic category, size wise, with properties ranging from a handful number of rooms to 40 maximum. What they have in common though is a homey feel at the reception. The “lobby” area is certainly small or even inexistent. These are often family kind of businesses. Levels of command of the staff vary from one property to another or even from one work shift to another. And as often in Laos, you will perhaps spot an (embarrassed) smile on the face of staffs in situation when you are not understood. But do not despair and with your local guide and a bit of body language you will get your point across.

Importantly, while this hotel category is our entry category, we have made sure that the aesthetics of the premises are subtle and retain some local character.

The rooms are well appointed but do not expect any flourish.

Breakfasts can be simple but definitely enough to fill you up for a nice day of sightseeing. Coffee, tea, fruit platters, orange juice, slices of bread, jam and butter and eggs your way are often the norm.

Our little hint: in the planning of your program, if you have a busy day (sightseeing or trekking), instead of checking out early – before noon in all cases -, and if for instance you’re taking an evening flight, do not hesitate to opt for a late check-out. Until 6 PM, they are usually priced at half the cost of the room night. A “bargain” you do not want to miss for a last shower before some international long haul traveling.

Equivalent to an international 2* property.

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COSY– Restful and comfy.

Ranging from a dozen rooms to around 70 rooms, you will feel at home in such stylish and elegant hotels. Expect hardwood floors, top hospitality and scrumptious Asian-World fusion cuisine.

Out of the ground or extensively refurbished recently, these addresses are well equipped and appointed to welcome groups that can be budget cautious but who do not want to compromise on quality. They often have spa and massage services, and meeting facilities varying in size depending on their own features. Those properties with sufficient grounds and yards may also feature a swimming pool.

The decoration is usually modern, the lighting is subtle, and there are decoration items that remind of the local handicrafts complemented by state of the art facilities. Not systematically, but often, when there is a sufficient number of in-house guests, expect a buffet breakfast service.

Equivalent to an international 3* property.

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CHARMING – Refinement and character.

Experience cosy home comforts with a touch of style. Here, we are delighted at the idea of helping you with the organization of your next event. A number of “charming” hotels and resorts for your stay are available. They average 23 to 34 rooms.

Our selection embraces hotels built into the local style and usually involving local resources, keeping the character of the environment they are settled in and servicing their guests with a remarkable level of quality. Often they have fine facilities like swimming pools, great restaurants, massage parlours and function rooms to deliver excellent value for money one could perhaps not necessarily consider back in the “west”.

Ownership wise, these properties are often independent. Only in a few instances, they are managed by international hotel chains.

Equivalent to an international 4* property.

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INDULGENCE – Pamper and spoil yourself.

We have listed a number of fine properties that will welcome you in style and comfort and where the notion of “perfection” is the motto.

Take the time to chill out and relax without any ounce of concern at all. These hotels and resorts are simply the crème de la crème in our destinations. They will cater for your very needs whether it is for your acquaintance with stylish transportation by vintage and luxury cars, wellness services with exquisite spas, gourmet dining options, and personalized concierge service.

Usually of a small size around 15 to 50 rooms with an average of 30 rooms, these “indulgence havens” propose personalized and attentive service, have multi lingual members of staff and management, and are often housed in historical buildings in prime locations. We talk about, among others, ancient converted Governors, Princes and Princesses residences, schools, hospitals and prisons!

A good number of them are featured in international design, architecture, and decorations magazines. Some of them having won various highly regarded prizes and awards.

Equivalent to an international 5* property.

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The choice is yours!