Unusual experience : discover Laos differently thanks to a “local friend”

We offer you an unusual experience to discover Laos differently ! Visit each cities from an unfamiliar angle, accompanied by…a “local friend” !

Let’s take the example of Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It is not a city that revealed itself easily to casual visitors, who often have some troubles to benefit from its secret charms… Starting from its simple observation, we have been thinking about some ways to discover differently the city : why not extend the stay one more day, to go beyond the “inescapables” you will visit with your guide ? This reasoning led to the “local friend” concept, which is not a “guiding” strictly speaking as you will benefit during your trip, but rather a personalized support in immersion in the local lifestyle !

Discover Laos Differently - Local Friend

Your “local friend” will be resident in the city. He will also have the benefit to be very flexible, considering what you will want to do and see. In this way there are no preset itinerary. Because, this activity is meant to be a sharing moment between you and your local friend.

He will offer you to discover some places that he especially likes, few or not frequented by tourists. You will also go to meet with the locals and explore some places with a strong soul and identity. You will be free to move by Tuk-Tuk, Songtheow (a covered van), scooter, bicycle, personal car…everyone will define his own style on the way, in accordance with your “local friend” !

Those represent a variety of profiles, and are not tourism professionals. This fleeting occupation only drove by their desire to share with the travelers « their » city and its various unsuspected treasures. They are retired, native from Laos or old-established expatriate, bi-national with singular personal stories, etc… Moreover, they all committed to make you enjoy the many small pleasures which Laotian cities can provide to insiders.

Furthermore, we will look after the selection of the most appropriate one, adapted to your profile !

Call on a “local friend” constitute a perfect option for people who are looking for authentic experiences. It will get you closer to local populations…

You can ask to include it in all our programs in Laos : indeed those remain before all a baseline, on which support in order to build together your own tailor-made journey.


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