Best answer: Is Indonesia rich in coal?

Located in southeast Asia, Indonesia is rich in coal resources, with over 100 billion tons of coal and over 20 billion tons of reserves. The potential for coal mining is huge. … Indonesia’s coal is mainly used for power generation because of its “green coal” characteristics, which are low in ash and Sulphur.

Is there coal in Indonesia?

Coal Reserves in Indonesia

Indonesia holds 24,910 million tons (MMst) of proven coal reserves as of 2016, ranking 11th in the world and accounting for about 2% of the world’s total coal reserves of 1,139,471 million tons (MMst). Indonesia has proven reserves equivalent to 242.7 times its annual consumption.

Where Does Indonesia get its coal?

Kalimantan (Borneo) and South Sumatra are the centres of coal mining. In recent years, production in Indonesia has been rising rapidly, from just over 200 mill tons in 2007 to over 400 mill tons in 2013. In 2013, the chair of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association said the production in 2014 may reach 450 mill tons.

What is Indonesian coal?

Indonesia is the world’s third-largest coal producer as well as one if its largest net exporters – accounting for over 40% of total world steam coal exports in 2015. … Still, Indonesian coal presents massive potential: In 2013, the country had 28 BMT of bituminous and sub-bituminous coal.

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Does Indonesia produce coking coal?

At present, they produce around four million tons of coking coal a year. … R Sukhyar, head of the Geological Agency Indonesia reaffirmed at Coaltrans that: “Coking coal is only located in Central Kalimantan,” but did not expand on the potential or quantities.

Who owns coal mines in Indonesia?

Hence, many Indonesian companies and wealthy families decided to acquire coal mining concessions on Sumatra or Kalimantan in the late 2000s. Coal became known as the “new gold”.

Coal in Indonesia.

Production (in million tons)
2009 70.7
2010 91.7
2011 118.4
2012 95.5

What does Indonesia use coal for?

Since 2010, Indonesia has opened 22.7 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired power capacity, third in the world behind India and China. That means coal now accounts for nearly 60% of the country’s electricity generation, a figure that has risen steadily since 2010.

Why should we quit coal?

As of 2010, coal accounted for 43% of global greenhouse gas emissions from fuel combustion. Simply put, to solve the climate crisis we must stop burning coal. … Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main greenhouse gas, and is the leading cause of global warming.

Which country has the best quality coal?

China is the global leader in coal production by an incredible margin, producing 3,474 metric tonnes (mt) in 2018, rising by 2.9% for the second year running but down from its peak of 3,749mt in 2013.

What is the price of Indonesian coal?

The ministry set the benchmark coal price at $115.35 per tonne in July, higher than the $100.33 per tonne in June and the highest since $117.6 per tonne in May, 2011, Refinitiv data showed.

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What is the price of coal per ton?


Name Price Unit
Natural Gas (Henry Hub) 4.37 USD per MMBtu
Ethanol 2.22 USD per Gallon
Heating Oil 55.48 USD per 100 Liter
Coal 149.00 USD per Ton
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