Best answer: What is Indonesia and Malaysia Batik?

The term ‘Batik’ is an Indonesian-Malay word (Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia are the official languages of Indonesia and Malaysia and are linguistically similar) and means ‘drops’.

What makes the Malaysian batik design similar to Indonesian batik?

Malaysian batik is famous for its geometrical designs and different from Indonesian Javanese batik in the sense that the pattern is larger and simpler relying heavily on the brush painting method instead of canting to apply colour to fabric.

What are the two main types of batik in Malaysia and Indonesia?

The batik process

There are two main types of batik in Malaysia today; hand-painted and block printed. These types differ in production techniques, motif and aesthetic expression, and are often classified according to the tool that has been used.

Why is Malaysian batik famous?

Malaysian batik is also famous for its geometrical designs, such as spirals. Malaysian batik fabrics do have an international edge because they have brighter hues and more versatile patterns than the illustrations of animals and humans which are common in the more mystic-influenced Indonesian batik.

What are two main types of batik?

The following types of Indonesian batik are summarized from various sources.

  • written Batik. Written batik is a traditional batik that is made by hand. …
  • Stamp Batik. In contrast to written batik, printed batik which includes modern batik is made using a stamp. …
  • Combination Batik. …
  • Textile Batik.
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Why is batik important?

Many people wearing batik to show how they do appreciate and belong to a culture. Batik also gives other spirit of nationalism which represent in Batik Nationalis. The role of batik in international diplomacy and in the world level gives significant meaning for batik as a commodity which preserve Indonesian culture.

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