Best answer: What percentage of the Philippines is forest?

The official figure of forest area is about 33% of the land area.

What is the percentage of forest in the Philippines in 2020?

Philippines Deforestation Rates & Statistics | GFW. In 2010, Philippines had 13.2Mha of natural forest, extending over 62% of its land area. In 2020, it lost 46.8kha of natural forest, equivalent to 27.4Mt of CO₂ of emissions.

How much rainforest is left in Philippines?

The country’s forest cover is only about seven million hectares or 23% of the country’s total land area, based on official numbers, although experts are afraid that this number is overestimated. That’s a lot of forest lost from the early years of the Spanish colonial period, when forest cover was over 90%.

What is illegal logging in the Philippines?

Illegal logging is the harvesting, processing, transporting, buying or selling of timber in contravention of national and international laws.

Why forest cover lost in the Philippines still exist?

Today, the country faces food insecurity due to soil erosion, which means depleted nutrients and low crop yield. In many provinces, at least 50% of the topsoil has been lost, and 70% of all croplands are vulnerable to erosion.

What is the Philippines doing about deforestation?

The Southeast Asian country aims to reduce its emissions from deforestation and slash-and-burn farming largely through a scheme called REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), in which developing countries are compensated for protecting their forests.

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What is a forest land in the Philippines?

The Forest Management Bureau (FMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) defines “forest” as land with an area of more than 0.5 hectare and tree crown cover1 (or equivalent stocking level) of more than 10 percent.

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