Can landlord cut off electricity Malaysia?

Since it is against the law to cut off water and electricity supply, this is where the Tenancy Act can help, by superseding all other laws to allow landlords to unilaterally cut off utility supplies once a valid binding tenancy agreement has been breached by a certain period of unpaid rent or any material events and …

It is illegal for the owners, landlords or real state firms to disconnect the power to the tenants even if they fail to pay the rent. There are many other legal ways to be followed to get their payment made by the tenants.

What can I do if my landlord turns off electricity?

If your landlord has shut off your utilities without a court order, you can do two things: (1) ask the court to order your landlord to turn your utilities back on, AND/OR (2) ask the court to order your landlord to pay you money (“damages”) to compensate you for your utility shut-off.

Can I cut my tenants electricity Malaysia?

There is a clause in the Specific Relief Act 1951, section 7(2) that landlords cannot take their own steps to repossess the property. This includes things like changing the locks. You also cannot cut the water and electricity supply, unless that clause was added in your tenancy agreement.

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What happens if tenant doesn’t pay rent Malaysia?

If the tenant fails to repay the debt, a Writ of Distress will be issued against the tenant. The bailiff has the power to enter, seize, and sell movable properties belonging to the tenant. If the property is vacant at the moment, entry with reasonable force is permitted.

Can the body corporate cut off electricity?

The Body Corporate is not the supplier of electricity and therefore cannot wield this type of power in the scheme. Trustees may argue that the right to terminate or reduce electricity is recorded in the rules of their building.

Should landlord keep utilities in their name?

If you keep utilities in your name, you will find that your tenants care little for the maintenance of the appliances and energy used every month. If you are charging a higher rent to cover the cost of the utilities used by the tenants, you will see your tenants misusing the appliances and electricity.

How can I get my landlord in trouble?

If you think your landlord is violating the Fair Housing Act, you can get that landlord in trouble by filing a complaint at Your remedy for breach of quiet enjoyment is to terminate the lease and move or sue in small claims court.

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