Do Vietnamese eat spiders?

The spiders are available at the notorious Skuon market near Siem Reap. Ask your guide for other places to buy these local delicacies, they are eaten throughout Cambodia.

Do Vietnamese people eat spiders?

Tarantulas, scorpions, lizards and worms were definitely the worst Vietnamese food we’ve eaten, but we totally recommend them.

What kind of spiders do Asians eat?

Tarantulas: Cambodia’s disappearing delicacy. Eating a fried tarantula has become a popular photo opportunity for tourists in Cambodia. However, this delicacy is in danger of disappearing, thanks to deforestation and over-harvesting of the spiders.

Are spiders healthy to eat?

Today, spiders — rich in protein, folic acid and zinc — are considered a delicacy and sold in markets and restaurants across Cambodia. The practice has also encouraged a lively tourist trade.

What happens if you eat a tarantula?

Eating tarantula is not an unusual event in Cambodia and if you feel adventuruous enough you can try it yourself. Yes, it is totally safe. Cambodians eat tarantulas, foreigners have started to do it too, and most people really like it.

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