Frequent question: How can I pay my Citibank credit card bill online Malaysia?

How do I pay my Citibank Credit Card Malaysia?

For your convenience, payments may be made using any of these 9 easy ways.

  1. Payment by interbank GIRO. …
  2. Payment via MEPS shared ATM Network nationwide. …
  3. By Mail. …
  4. 24-Hour Express Payment Machine. …
  5. Citibank Online Transfer. …
  6. Auto-Debit. …
  7. 24-Hour Citibank Banking Center (ATM) …
  8. CitiPhone banking.

How do I pay my Citibank bill online?

Citibank Online Bill Pay

  1. Login to Citibank Online with your Internet Password (IPIN)
  2. Choose BILL PAY from the left panel under BANKING or CREDIT CARD.
  3. Pay your bills using One-time payment option or Register for BILL PAY services.

How do I pay my Citibank credit card via maybank2u Malaysia?

How to pay credit card bill via M2U ID Web

  1. After login to M2U ID Web, choose “Bill Payment” menu. Select “Other Bill Payment” menu.
  2. On Biller Category section, choose “Other Bank Credit Card”. Fill in the details of the credit card information.
  3. Check and make sure to input the correct information.
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How do I pay my Citibank app?

Utility Bill Payments on Mobile App

  1. Login to Citi Mobile App.
  2. Go to Utility Bill Payments section.
  3. Select a biller using biller category or enter a biller name in the search toolbar.
  4. Select Citibank account/card for payment and enter customer information – (Mobile Number/ Customer Identification number)

How can I pay my credit card bill online?

How to pay using Electronic Bill Payment service.

  1. Step 1 : Log in to the net banking page of the aforementioned banks where you have a bank account.
  2. Step 2 : Add ‘SBI Card’ as a biller.
  3. Step 3 : Fill in the details about your card number and payment amount and make the payment. …
  4. View FAQs.

How do I pay my Citibank credit card bill automatically?

How to Set Up Citibank Automatic Payments

  1. Log in to your online account via the Citibank website or mobile app.
  2. Find the “Payments” on the account home page and then select “AutoPay.”
  3. Enter your bank account routing number and account number. …
  4. Select your payment amount.

How can I pay my bill online?

How To Pay Electricity Bill Online

  1. Click on the electricity board.
  2. You will get a drop-down of all the states.
  3. Select your state.
  4. Pick your electricity board.
  5. Fill in your consumer number.
  6. Enter the amount.
  7. Pick promo codes of your choice to get Cashback & other offers.
  8. Choose the payment method of your preference.

Can I pay a credit card from a different bank?

If paying from an account with another bank: Sign in to Online Banking, hover over the Bill Pay tab and select Manage accounts. Select the Other Pay From Accounts tab. … Select Add a Pay From account you own at another institution and enter the requested information about your account with the other institution.

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How do I pay my Citibank credit card with a debit card?

Other methods to Pay Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment using a Debit Card

  1. Go to the credit card bill payment section of the respective application.
  2. Add your Citibank credit card and verify the same using the OTP.
  3. Once the card is verified, it will be added to the list of your credit cards.

Can I pay Citibank credit card by cash?

Cash payment

You can pay your credit card bills by paying in cash at any one of the Citibank branches nearest to you in your city. A processing fees of Rs. 100 per payment will be charged by the bank when you pay your credit card bill.

How do I pay my Visa card online?

5 Steps to Pay Online With a Credit Card

  1. Enter Your Shipping Address.
  2. Choose “Credit Card” as Your Payment Method.
  3. Enter Your Info as It Appears on Your Credit Card.
  4. Enter the Billing Address for Your Credit Card.
  5. Verify Your Information.

How can I pay my credit card bill?

Credit Card Bill Payment

  1. Log on to Axis Bank Internet Banking.
  2. Go to Credit Card section.
  3. Select the Credit Card for which payment needs to be done.
  4. Click on “Pay Now”
  5. Select the Account to be debited.
  6. Enter Amount you wish to pay.
  7. Click on Proceed to make the payment.
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