Frequent question: What clothes to take to Vietnam?

What do I need to pack for a trip to Vietnam?

To pack

  • Tickets.
  • Money (cash and cards)
  • Passport.
  • A copy of your travel insurance details.
  • A list of emergency contacts at home and in Vietnam.
  • Chargers and a universal power adapter (and a transformer/converter if necessary)
  • Mosquito repellent and mosquito-proof clothing.
  • Modest clothing for visiting religious sites.

What should I wear in rainy season in Vietnam?

7 Items to Pack for Vietnam’s Rainy Season

  • Mosquito repellent. Vietnam’s climate and rainwater create pools of stagnant water in the tropics, allowing mosquitoes to breed and proliferate. …
  • Rain Coat. …
  • Easy-dry Clothes. …
  • Rainy Season-appropriate Footwear. …
  • Germ-killers. …
  • Silica Gel. …
  • Protective Gear for Your Luggage.

What should I wear in Ho Chi Minh?

Lightweight tank tops and T-shirts are good things to wear in Vietnam, as are light-colored khakis. As for shoes, flip-flops or other open sandals work great on Vietnamese beaches, but you’ll want to wear comfortable, closed-toe walking shoes to protect your feet when sightseeing in cities.

What should I wear in Sapa Vietnam?

The Sapa climate is totally unlike the rest of Vietnam. Essential items to have for the trek are some layers of warm & light clothing (morning can be cold but get pretty warm during the day as you trek). A pair of sturdy trekking shoes is essential. In January to March it can be quite cold, foggy and rainy.

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Do Vietnamese wear shoes?

As a rule of thumb, Vietnamese people always take off their footwear when they come home or enter others’ houses. The origin of this tradition is pretty unknown. … Bringing shoes into a local house in Vietnam is, therefore, a taboo to some people, just like bringing dirty things, bringing bad luck into the home.

What should I bring to Vietnam from USA?

What to Pack for Vietnam’s Rainy Season

  • A rain jacket.
  • Travel umbrella.
  • A rain cover for your backpack (unless you opted for one with premium weather-resistance)
  • Dry bag for your gear.
  • Bug spray; rainy weather also brings more mosquitos.

Does it rain all day in Vietnam?

South Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta)

The southwest monsoon brings abundant rain and it rains almost every day. However, this rain is different from that in the north, especially the sprinkling and drizzle in Hanoi. Rain in the south is heavy but not long-lasting.

How bad is rainy season in Vietnam?

South Vietnam

The wet season lasts from May until early November with the months from June, July & August receiving the highest rainfall of the year. Throughout much of the wet season rainfall is generally heavy but short lasting, often occurring in a mid-afternoon heavy downpour.

What is the best month to go to Vietnam?

While this variety makes Vietnam a year-round destination, spring (March to April) is typically the best time to visit the entire country, when days are generally pleasant, temperatures are moderate and rainfall is light.

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