Frequent question: Why does Thai look like Arabic?

Why does Thai look Arabic?

Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are all completely unrelated to Thai and were developed in societies that were much more distant from Thailand both geographically and culturally. Chinese drifted east and formed Korean and then Japanese; that’s why those written characters look a bit similar.

Do they speak Arabic in Thailand?

No, they do not. As a Thai Muslim, I do not speak Arabic in general and so do my friends. If they are Thai Muslims in 3 Southern provinces in Thailand, they will speak their own native Malay and Thai.

What languages look like Thai?

The word thai means ‘free’ in the Thai language. Its closest relatives are Lao, Shan, and Southern Thai.

What language looks like Arabic?

Arabic is a Semitic language and therefore shares similarities with other Semitic languages, such as Aramaic and Hebrew. In terms of writing, several languages use the Arabic alphabet, such as Persian/Farsi, Urdu, Pashto and Kurdish.

What is the hardest language to learn?

8 Hardest Languages to Learn In The World For English Speakers

  • Mandarin. Number of native speakers: 1.2 billion. …
  • Icelandic. Number of native speakers: 330,000. …
  • 3. Japanese. Number of native speakers: 122 million. …
  • Hungarian. Number of native speakers: 13 million. …
  • Arabic. Number of native speakers: 221 million. …
  • Polish.
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Is Thai easier than Chinese?

Yes, Thai is considerably easier to learn than any of the other three. I believe the three hardest are Japanese, Chinese and Korean in that order. Thai is a tonal language but although that is a foreign concept it isn’t actually terribly difficult to learn.

Is Thai difficult to learn?

The language, with its seemingly curlicue letters may look difficult at first glance, but with language apps, Youtube videos, and lessons via Skype, learning Thai is actually quite easy, and it’s highly recommended and possible to learn the language before setting foot in Southeast Asia.

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