How bad is Cambodian crime?

Criminal activity in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh, remained high in 2019, with approximately the same level of violence and frequency of incidents as the year prior. The majority of crimes committed are opportunistic property crimes committed for financial gain, such as cell phone or motorbike thefts.

What is Cambodian crime like?

Crime rates in Cambodia

Level of crime 53.98 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs 60.94 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 58.62 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 46.22 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery 82.14 Very High

How many murders are there in Cambodia?


STAT Cambodia
Murder rate 448 Ranked 50th.
Murder rate per million people 33.54 Ranked 64th.
Murders 448 Ranked 50th.
Murders per million people 33.54 Ranked 64th.

Is Cambodia cheap?

Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia. There really aren’t any big money saving tips here unless you go out of your way to find the most expensive things to see or do.

Is Thailand cheaper than Cambodia?

Cambodia is cheaper than Thailand.

You will find that your money goes farther there than Thailand. Things like food, drinks, hotels, taxi, and partying with the women are cheaper. But keep in mind, this all comes at a price. Thailand is much more developed, especially in the major cities.

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What can you not eat in Cambodia?

Generally, try to avoid fresh salads or raw vegetables as they may be washed with contaminated water and avoid eating raw shellfish, raw crab and cold cooked meats. Across Cambodia, regardless of where you are staying, you are best to stick to bottled water, even for brushing your teeth.

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