How is plot ratio calculated Malaysia?

Essentially, the plot ratio is the total gross floor area of the building, divided by the size of the area on which that building has been built. For a simplified example: that means if there’s a plot ratio of 1:10, a 1,000 sq ft plot could be developed into 10,000 sq ft of floor space.

What is plot ratio in property?

Plot ratio is the ratio of the total floor area of a building to the area of the site. For example a plot ratio of 1.0 means that the floor area is equal to the site area.

How do you calculate GFA from plot ratio?

For example, if a developer is determining the potential value of a piece of land with a GPR of 2.8 and a land size of 100,000 square feet. The GFA is simply 2.8 * 100,000 = 280,000 gross floor area. So the higher the number, the more units that can be built on that piece of land.

What is plot ratio of land?

Plot ratio means the ratio of floor area of a building to an area of land within the boundaries of the lot or lots on which the building is located. Background. Plot ratio controls the amount of a site which is covered by buildings.

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What does plot ratio 2.8 mean?

URA’s Development Control guideline states that a plot ratio of 2.8 means the development can be built up to a maximum of 36 storeys. According to URA’s masterplan, it shows that the plot of land next to The Dew is allocated for educational institutions and open spaces.

Is higher plot ratio better?

In brief, plot ratio determines how much a developer can build on that piece of land. Assuming the plot ratio is 1:10. This meant that the developer can build something which is 10 times the size of the land area. … Higher plot ratios may also mean a slightly cheaper unit.

What is maximum permissible plot ratio?

Defined as the permissible development intensity of a specified land parcel, the plot ratio determines the maximum gross floor area (GFA) of any development on that land parcel. This is the formula to calculate the maximum GFA from plot ratio: GFA in square feet = Plot ratio x Site area in square feet.

What is plot ratio architecture?

The floor area ratio (FAR), also known as the plot ratio, is a measure of the total permitted floor area of a building, in relation to the total area of the lot (or plot) on which the building stands: Gross floor area of all floors of the building / Area of the building lot = FAR.

Can plot ratio be increased?

Plot Ratio and space efficiency

A plot ratio increase is very likely to turn some developers’ heads in your direction. This is because it means that the land-use can be intensified, allowing the developer to build more on the land (which will, in turn, mean more profits for them).

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What is GFA?

The Gross Floor Area (GFA) is the total property square footage, as measured between the exterior walls of the building(s).

Does landed housing have plot ratio?

NOTE: There is No plot ratio for Landed properties. … Landed property goes by Planning restrictions and guides.

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