How much is 18K gold per gram in Philippines?

Quantity 24K Gold Rate 18K Gold Rate
1 Gram PHP 2,944.29 PHP 2,208.20
1 Tola PHP 34,341.62 PHP 25,756.01
10 Grams PHP 29,442.90 PHP 22,082.00
1 Sovereign PHP 23,554.32 PHP 17,665.60

How much is 1g of 18K gold worth?

Today’s Gold Prices

Per Gram
10K $23.05
14K $31.95
18K $41.46

How much is 18K per gram in the Philippines?

18K Gold Price in Philippines today

Gold Unit Gold Rate in Philippine Peso
Gram 18K 2182.4 PHP
Kilo 18K 2182421.74 PHP
Tola 18K 25455.4 PHP
Ounce 18K 67881 PHP

How much is gold per gram in the Philippines in 2021?

This includes gold prices in ounce and gram of all gold karats; karat 24, karat 22, karat 21, karat 18, and karat 14.

Gold prices in last 30 days in Philippine Peso.

الاوقية 1,300.63
عيار 18 31.36
عيار 14 24.40
الأربعاء 18 أغسطس 2021

How much is 14K gold per gram in the Philippines?

Today 14K Gold Price in Philippines is 1,698.1 PHP per Gram, while 5 Grams is 8,490.5 PHP, and 40 Grams Price is 67,924.0 PHP.

Latest Prices of 14 Carat Gold in Philippines.

Gold Units Gold Rate in Philippine Peso
1 Gram 14K 1,698.1 PHP
10 Grams 14K 16,980.8 PHP
1 Kilo 14K 1,698,084.4 PHP
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Is 18K gold good quality?

18 karat gold is purer and, well, more gold than 9 karats, so it’s always best to opt for 18 karats if you can. It doesn’t tarnish, it’s more durable and because it costs more, it’ll be worth more in the long run. Conversely, 9 karat gold contains a higher proportion of other metals so it will tarnish over time.

How much is a gram of 24k gold?

The current 24k gold price per gram is $58.00.

All Karats Per Todays Prices USD (gram)

Gold Price Per Gram Market
24k $57.99 USD
23k $55.56 USD
22k $53.19 USD
21.6k $52.20 USD
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