Quick Answer: How can I apply for Singapore university from India?

How can I get admission in National University of Singapore from India?

Able to submit actual results before June 2021, and a good pass in 5 subjects including English. For applicants who have sat for the Indian Standard 12 examination in 2021, please submit your actual results within 3 calendar days upon result release to the NUS Office of Admissions.

How can I go to Singapore university from India?

If you are an international applicant seeking admission to NUS, you should have completed or are completing high school, that is, at least twelve years of general education by July of the year of application. You may view the list of acceptable high school qualifications and applicant group types below.

How can I apply for Singapore university?

Requirements for the Student Pass Application in Singapore

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Recent photographs.
  3. Duly accomplished application form.
  4. Standardized admission test scores (i.e. SAT, GMAT, GRE, depending on the university)

How do Indian students get NUS?

Good passes in 5 subjects including English. Able to submit actual results before June 2021, and good passes in 5 subjects including English.

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Is Singapore safe for Indian students?

Its safe city makes the atmosphere in Singapore supports the learning activities of the students. In addition, the tuition fee is considerably lower than the education in advanced countries, such as US, UK and Germany.

Is NUS better than IIT?

Is NUS better than IIT? Yes NUS definitely better than IIT and is ranked #1 in Asia in the QS Asia Rankings 2021.

How much it cost to study in Singapore?

To give an estimate, the university costs are about S$ 400 – S$ 800 per month.

Cost of Studying in Singapore.

Average Monthly Expense In SD In INR
Meals (at university hostel) 150-800 8,000-41,000
Bus Transport (Concessional) 120 6,150
Public Trains (Concessional Pass) 120 6,150
Grand Total 600-1,360 31,950-70,990

Which course is best in Singapore?

The following are the most sought-after courses in Singapore which are preferred by Indian students.

Popular courses offered by Singapore universities

  • MBA/ Business/ Management.
  • IT/ Computing.
  • Engineering & Science.
  • Tourism/ travel/ hotel management.
  • Creative Arts/ Design Courses.
  • Architecture.
  • Medicine.

Does Singapore need Ielts for job?

Work in Singapore

In Singapore, IELTS will be required by registration bodies representing the healthcare professional, such as nursing, medicine and pharmacy. … Applicants need to achieve at least 7 for all IELTS components (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) in academic module.

Is it easy to get admission in Singapore?

Along with that, a minimum academic record of 70% and above in Class XII will be required if looking at getting admission to a government university. For private institutes and polytechnics, students who have secured below 60% can also get admission.

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What documents do I need to apply for NUS?

Submitting a complete application

  • National level High school examination results slip (if applicable)
  • School examination results slip e.g. Year 11 High School transcripts/ SPM/ IGSCE/ Indian Standard 10.
  • Mother Tongue Language result slip.
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