Quick Answer: What are some of the natural resources of Southeast Asia?

In this context, rice, rubber, timber, kenaf, tapioca, sugar, copra, cattle, and fish are as much natural resources as tin, oil, bauxite, coal, and iron ore. The chapter presents broader connotation. Southeast Asia is a traditional producer and exporter of raw materials and of natural resources.

What is the most important natural resource in Southeast Asia?

Two of the most important natural resources found in Southwest Asia are natural gas and oil. These two resources bring wealth into the region because they are needed for much of the world’s economy. Deposits of underground oil and natural gas were discovered in Southwest Asia at the beginning of the 1900s.

Is Southeast Asia rich in natural resources?

Southeast Asia is a region which is still rich in natural forests and biodiversity resources. Countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand have experienced rapid and continued deforestation over the decades.

What are 5 natural resources in Asia?

Natural Resources of Asia

  • Natural Resources of Asia. Asia is the largest continent in the world. …
  • Mineral Resources. Asia is rich in mineral resources like iron ore, coal, and petroleum. …
  • Coal. …
  • Natural gas & Mineral oil. …
  • Mica & Manganese. …
  • Nuclear energy. …
  • Soil. …
  • Forests.
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What are 3 natural resources in Asia?

Asia extracts an immense wealth of minerals, of which its mineral fuels—coal, petroleum, and natural gas—are of greatest value. The largest Asian coal producers are China and Russia (Siberia), followed by India, Kazakhstan, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan.

What are the most important resources in Central Asia and where do they end up?

Central Asia has the largest reserves of zinc, lead, and chromite. Also, a country called “Kazakhstan” is in the top ten for supplies of copper, iron, gold, and manganese. A country called Turkmenistan also is rich in natural gas, having about 5% of all the world’s natural gas.

Which two cultures have had the greatest impact on Southeast Asia?

the Malay archipelago is larger in area then any other island group true

Question Answer
Which two cultures have had the greatest impact on Southeast Asia? China and India

Why is Asia unique?

Asia is the largest of the world’s continents, covering approximately 30 percent of the Earth’s land area. It is also the world’s most populous continent, with roughly 60 percent of the total population. … The geographic term “Asia” was originally used by ancient Greeks to describe the civilizations east of their empire.

What is the #1 natural resource in all of East Asia?

Coal is probably the most significant natural resource, but China also has the world’s largest hydroelectric power potential.

Why is it called Asia?

The word Asia originated from the Ancient Greek word Ἀσία, first attributed to Herodotus (about 440 BCE) in reference to Anatolia or to the Persian Empire, in contrast to Greece and Egypt. It originally was just a name for the east bank of the Aegean Sea, an area known to the Hittites as Assuwa.

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