What does a red number plate mean in Thailand?

New vehicles are issued a red plate until the paperwork is all sorted out (tax and stuff) and a proper white plate is issued.

What is a red number plate in Thailand?

Drivers with red plates must seek permission from authorities if they want to use the vehicle at night. Cars with red plates cannot be driven out of the province where the vehicle was registered at purchase. Drivers must ask for permission each time they want to travel outside the specified area.

What country has red number plates?

Belgium uses red characters and is the only country not to use the standard black-on-white or black-on-yellow combination; with the introduction of European-style plates in November 2010, a slightly darker shade of red was chosen (RAL 3003) to improve legibility.

What does a green license plate mean in Thailand?

Business and tourist rental vehicles have a green background with white text, private cards have a. white background with black text and private vans have a white background and blue text. Private pick-up trucks have a white background with green text and private motorized tuk tuks have a white background an. d red …

What year is a 33 plate?

New Style Age Identifier For UK Number Plates

Plate From To
33 March 2033 September 2033
83 September 2033 March 2034
34 March 2034 September 2034
84 September 2034 March 2035
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