What does Kirana mean in Indonesia?

This name means ‘beautiful sunbeam’.

What does the name Kirana mean?

The name Kirana is primarily a female name of Indonesian origin that means Beautiful Sunbeam.

What is the name of Indonesia woman?

Indonesian Girl Names

Setia Truth, Faithfulness Indonesian
Indah Beautiful One Indonesian
Bethari Goddess Indonesian
BULANA Unknown Indonesian
Lintang Star Indonesian

What does Roro mean in Indonesia?

The name Roro is primarily a female name of Indonesian origin that means Nobility.

What are Kirana stores called in English?

A grocery or a grocery store is a grocer’s shop. [Am] 2. kirana countable noun. In India, a kirana is a small grocery shop or general store.

What name is Kirana now called?

With Kirana Now, Amazon aims to deliver goods “within 2-4 hours” using its own logistics, the neighbourhood store’s staff, or one of its logistics partners. These stores will be listed just like other sellers on Amazon, which operates as a pure marketplace in India. The service was launched on Wednesday in Bengaluru.

What is the nickname of Indonesia?

That is why Indonesia is called as the emerald of the equator.

Is Roro a nickname?

Roro for a baby name

Sometimes used as a nickname for Ro- names Rosa, Rosalind, etc.

What does Kadita mean?

The name Kadita means “reduction” in Kannada language, a Sounth Indian language. Kadita is based on Nyi Roro Kidul, an Indonesian myth (see in Indonesian version or English version due has different languages page).

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