What is the best Milktea in the Philippines?

Which brand of milk tea is best?

Who are the top bubble tea companies in the market?

  • Bubble Tea Supply. This bubble tea supplier was founded in 2001 in Hawaii to bring the Taiwanese drink to the United States, designing products specifically with US consumers in mind. …
  • Chatime. …
  • CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. …
  • Fanale Drinks. …
  • Fokus.

Is brown sugar milk tea good?

As its ingredients are milk, brown sugar, and brown sugar soaked tapioca pearls, this drink is very sweet. Out of all the bubble tea drinks out there, brown sugar milk is definitely the least healthy for you in terms of sugar level. By default you don’t even have any tea to balance out this drink.

In 2019, the Philippines ranked second among the countries with the most number of bubble tea drinkers in Southeast Asia. A food delivery survey found out that Filipinos consume an average of five cups of milk tea in a month1.

How much does tea cost in Philippines?

Top Tea Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Lipton Green Tea Classic ₱ 638.00 Lazada
Lipton Matcha Green Tea Latte ₱ 115.00 Shopee
Lipton Green Tea With Lemon ₱ 701.00 Lazada
Lipton Green Tea Lemon Ginseng ₱ 224.00 Shopee
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Why is milk tea so addictive?

But of course, the pearls, milk and tea are not toxic material, they are just food. But if you love drinking bubble tea, you are actually addicted to its sugar. … After consuming sugar-containing food, the sugar rush can make you feel good and happy.

Why is Bubble Tea So Popular? … Bubble tea has stayed popular because of its versatility; rather than losing its appeal as a novelty drink, it keeps up with people’s tastes by changing itself. Instead of just sticking to tea, new fruit flavors were invented, along with new toppings and different kinds of milk.

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