What is the telephone code for Singapore?


How do I make an international call to Singapore?

To call Singapore from the United States, dial 011 (the international access code), then 65 (Singapore’s country code), and then the eight-digit number. The whole number you’d dial would be 011-65-XXXX-XXXX.

What is the international dialing code for Singapore from UK?

To call Singapore from United Kingdom, dial: 00 – 65 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 65 – 8 Digit Mobile Number.

How do I contact someone in Singapore?

When calling a phone number from Singapore, the country code of +65 needs to entered, followed by the Singapore local (or mobile) number in order to complete the call. If calling from a landline, replace the + sign with 0011 followed by 65 (Singapore country code) and then the Singapore local number.

Does Singapore still use +65?

Q: Can I tell if a call is fake before I pick up? A: Yes. … Watch out in particular for calls that come with a +65 prefix, which looks like Singapore’s country code, but are actually overseas calls. Domestic calls will not display the + prefix.

How do you check who called me in Singapore?

How Can I Look up Owner Names for Phones in Singapore?

  1. Go to CocoFinder’s reverse phone number lookup page.
  2. Go to the search bar and enter the number you want to check.
  3. Click the ‘Search’ button.
  4. Your report will be ready in no time.
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