What type of forest is found in South East Asia?

The ‘Forest Cover Map of Continental Southeast Asia’ displays the main forest formations, including evergreen mountain forest (> 1000m elevation), evergreen lowland forest (< 1000m elevation), deciduous forests (mixed and dry deciduous forests, Dry Dipterocarp forests), mangrove forests and swamp forests (around Tonle ...

What type of forest occurs in Southeast Asia?

Tropical forests are hugely important to the health of the planet. Although they cover only about 7% of the Earth’s land surface, they host nearly two-thirds of the world’s floral and faunal diversity, and store 68% of global carbon stocks. Southeast Asia is home to nearly 15% of the world’s tropical forests.

What are the four forest types found in Southeast Asia?

Examples of the forest ecosystems of Asia are the Annamite Range Moist Forests, Northern Indochina Subtropical Moist Forests, and the Tenasserim Moist Forests.

What biome is Southeast Asia?

South Asian Rainforest Biome. The Southeast Asian rainforests are the oldest, consistent rainforests on Earth, dating back to the Pleistocene Epoch 70 million years ago.

Why did the forest of Southeast Asia decline?

Forest clearance and canopy loss in the region are attributed to several large-scale, anthropogenic drivers, including logging and clear-cutting for food production, cash crops and agriculture8,11,17,20,21,22.

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What type of climate is found in Southeast Asia?

Much of Southeast Asia is within the tropical climatic zone with temperatures above 25 deg C throughout the year. The region is strongly influenced by the Asian monsoons, which bring significant amount of rainfall to parts of Southeast Asia.

What are the main crops of Southeast Asia?

Although rice is still the region’s main crop, other commodities such as maize, coffee, cocoa as well as fruits and vegetables are also important.

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