What will happen if the so called Big One will happen in Metro Manila?

The state seismology bureau estimated that the potential impacts of such “worst-case earthquake scenario” may result to around 33,500 deaths in Metro Manila alone, with 114,000 people seriously injured, 18,000 fire casualties, and widespread damage on properties and infrastructure.

What prediction can Scientist expect from the big one as affected by the Philippine Fault Zone?

According to the Metropolitan Manila Earthquake Impact Reduction Study (MMEIRS), a 7.2-magnitude earthquake from the West Valley Fault will result in the collapse of 170,000 residential houses and the death of 34,000 people. Another 114,000 individuals will be injured while 340,000 houses will be partly damaged.

How can the big one affect the Philippines?

The scenario following a major tremor hitting Metro Manila is grim—at least 52,000 dead, 500,000 others injured, 500 fires breaking out, 4,000 water supply points cut and nearly 14 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) wiped out.

Is it true that California is sinking?

No, California is not going to fall into the ocean. California is firmly planted on the top of the earth’s crust in a location where it spans two tectonic plates. … There is nowhere for California to fall, however, Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day be adjacent to one another!

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What is the longest fault line in the Philippines?

Based on the Phivolcs findings, Deloso said the fault in Davao Oriental approximately 30 kilometers long is connected to the Philippine Fault line – the longest fault in the Philippines that stretches up to 1,200 kilometers from Luzon down to Mindanao.

Will the Philippines survive the zombie apocalypse?

Will we ever survive? The answer to that is a resounding yes. Not only is it a resoundingly bad idea for zombies to start shuffling out of their graves, it would be doubly bad if they start doing it in the Philippines.

What are the active fault in the Philippines?

There are five active fault lines in the country namely the Western Philippine Fault, the Eastern Philippine Fault, the South of Mindanao Fault, Central Philippine Fault and the Marikina/Valley Fault System.

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