Where can I buy weasel coffee in Ho Chi Minh City?

Why is weasel coffee so expensive?

Unfortunately, the naturally occurring process is very labour-intensive, as farmers need to search miles of jungle to find the poop of a wild civet that may only have eaten a few beans. … Organic, free-roaming civet farms produce coffee that can cost as much as $3,500 (£2,652) per kilo.

How much does weasel coffee cost?

These are domesticated weasels, that live in a large cages, like zoo animals, and are fed coffee along with other foods. The quality of the product is exquisitely rich, with a chocolate overtone and creamy mouth feel. The street price of this coffee in Hanoi is $800 USD per kilo.

What does weasel coffee taste like?

Weasel coffee, Sahra said, had a slightly different taste a flavor profile, but was similar to the grass and arabica elephant coffee, except for its mouthfeel, which was smooth and creamy. “Personally, I think the whole process and backstory is cool and unique,” Sahra said.

How much is a cup of coffee in Ho Chi Minh?

At the center Saigon trendy cafes, as high as 65,000 vnd. A reasonable price for a good cup of coffee at a nice cafe should run about 20,000 -25,000 vnd ($1 -$1.25 USD). If you’re looking for western cup of coffee or a cappuccino, ̣see below at “$2 – 5”.

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