Why do Vietnamese eat baguettes?

As a result, it became possible for ordinary Vietnamese to enjoy French staples such as bread. Many shops baked twice a day, because bread tends to go stale more quickly in the Vietnamese climate. Baguettes were mainly eaten for breakfast with some butter and sugar.

Why do Vietnamese use French bread?

The first baguettes was brought over to Vietnam by French colonists sometime in the early 1800s. The French baguettes were eaten as a breakfast with some butter and sugar, jambon-beurre (ham & butter) with mayonnaise, or liver pate spread.

Why does Vietnamese food have French influence?

Due to influences from French colonization, the French Indochinese countries of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia have several shared dishes and beverages including baguettes and coffee. The French also introduced use of dairy products in Vietnamese-French fusion dishes.

Do Vietnamese eat potato?

The potato remained a minor vegetable in Vietnam until the 1970s when population growth and annual typhoon damage of the rice crop motivated farmers to use the dry season from November to February for potato production. They adopted shorter-duration rice varieties which allowed time for potato.

What other countries have had a significant impact on Vietnamese cuisine?

France brought coffee to Vietnamese two centuries later during the colonisation. It did not hurt that Vietnamese has a climate so conducive to growing coffee. This is why it quickly adapted and integrated into Vietnamese local cuisine and has even become a symbol of Vietnamese culture.

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Was Vietnam a French colony?

What we now call Vietnam was once owned and run by France. From the late 1800’s to 1954, Vietnam was part of a French colony called French Indochina. When the French first became interested in Indochina French missionaries sought to convert the Vietnamese to Catholicism, the religion of France.

Why is banh mi on French bread?

It may also be spelled bánh mỳ in northern Vietnam. Taken alone, bánh mì means “bread”, but particularly the Vietnamese baguette, or the sandwich made from it. A folk etymology claims that the word bánh mì is a corruption of the French pain de mie, meaning soft, white bread.

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