Why do Vietnamese wear non LA?

The Non La is used as protection from the sun and rain, a basket for vegetables to use when shopping at the market, or even as a bowl to relieve thirst when passing by a well. You may even come across young couples shielding their kisses form the public behind this traditional hat during their dates.

Why do Vietnamese wear conical hats?

Known in Vietnam as the nón lá, or “leaf hat,” the conical hat is used in various Asian countries as protection from the tropical sun and rain. It’s mostly worn by farmers or people of the working class, though ornate versions have been worn by nobles in the Philippines.

How do you make Vietnamese non la?

In order to make non la, Ngoc My residents buy palm leaves from Phu Tho and Thai Nguyen provinces. The leaves are sundried 2-3 days to wither before being heated over fire and ironed out by a stuffed fabric ball. Flattened leaves are afterwards cut so that they have pointed ends.

What are Vietnamese hats called?

The nón lá (leaf hat) of the Vietnamese people forms a perfect circular cone which tapers smoothly from the base to the apex. Colourful decorations are often found inside the hats as a way of personalisation, identifying one’s hat.

Can I drink the water in Vietnam?

Drinking tap water generally isn’t recommended in Vietnam. Water contaminated with pathogenic organisms is a major source of sickness and can lead to traveller’s experiencing diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, giardia, dysentery and hepatitis A.

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How are conical hats made?

Remarkably, all the conical hats in the world are hand made! There is no machine dextrous enough to create this work of art. The hat is made from two materials – bamboo and the leaves of palm trees. … The leaves are then sun-dried, ironed very strategically, and then precisely sewn and woven into the frame.

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