Best answer: What is the main illegal product being produced in Southeast Asia Golden Triangle?

“The Golden Triangle, and specifically Shan State of Myanmar, is believed to be the largest methamphetamine producing area in the world (modest sized geographic area with highly concentrated production).”

What illegal product is produced in Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle ‘?

THE enduring image of Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle is of brightly colored poppy fields, opium-smoking hill tribes and heroin labs hidden in the jungle. But the reality is that after years of producing the lion’s share of the world’s opium, the Golden Triangle is now only a bit player in the global heroin trade.

What are Golden Triangle countries?

The ‘Golden Triangle’ is situated in South-East Asia and comprises parts of Myanmar, Thailand, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Vietnam. state of India having a common border with Myanmar, were HIV positive.

Why is it called the Golden Triangle?

The Golden Triangle is so called because of the triangular shape formed by the locations of New Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan on a map. The trips usually start in Delhi moving south to the site of Taj Mahal at Agra, then west, to the desert landscapes of Rajasthan.

Which of Southeast Asia’s river is one of the longest in the world?

The Mekong River is the longest river in Southeast Asia. The river has a length of approximately 4,900 km, flowing from its source on the Tibetan Plateau in China through Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam via a large delta into the sea.

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What is the Army Golden Triangle?

The golden triangle refers to the three points of support to a Soldier: their squad, family, and friends. After Phantom Action Week comes the Leader Book Compilation, where participants complete a book on subordinate leaders and Soldiers, and then the leader certification program which runs into mid-November.

Is Golden Triangle safe?

Safe travel in Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is one of the major touristy destination in Northern Thailand and it is definitely a safe and comfortable place to travel. Locals are used to western tourists and many of them speak at least a basic English, which is enough to help you in case you need it.

Which city is known as the Golden Triangle?

The most traveled tourist circuit in India is known as “Golden Triangle Tour”. It comprises of three cities- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Where is the Golden Triangle India?

WHAT IS THE ‘GOLDEN TRIANGLE’? India’s Golden Triangle comprises the three most visited cities in the country’s north-west – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, which are all connected to each other by good road and rail links.

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