Quick Answer: What are the human rights issues in Myanmar?

MYANMAR 2020. Serious human rights violations occurred across Myanmar as internal armed conflict between the military and ethnic armed groups continued. Indiscriminate airstrikes and shelling by the military took place in Rakhine and Chin States and thousands of civilians were displaced.

What human rights are violated in Myanmar?

Myanmar 2020

  • Human rights violations in the context of internal armed conflict. …
  • Internally displaced people. …
  • Denial of humanitarian access. …
  • Freedoms of expression, association and assembly. …
  • Access to information. …
  • Corporate accountability. …
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. …
  • Right to education.

What are some human rights in Myanmar?

AI has called upon the government of Myanmar to uphold universal human rights standards enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially those of freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, freedom from torture and ill-treatment, and fair trial.

What is the main problem in Myanmar?

A lack of food security, access to shelter and basic humanitarian services, and inability to access to livelihoods remain major problems for Rakhine civilians. Civilians continued to be targeted during hostilities in northern Myanmar.

What is the current crisis in Myanmar?

On Feb. 1, 2021, the military in Myanmar detained senior members of the civilian government after claiming the country’s November 2020 elections were fraudulent. Mass protests have continued unabated since, despite hundreds of demonstrators killed and many more arrested.

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Is there still war in Myanmar?

The conflict has largely been ethnic-based, with several ethnic armed groups fighting Myanmar’s armed forces, the Tatmadaw, for self-determination. … The conflict is the world’s longest ongoing civil war, having spanned more than seven decades.

Is it called Burma or Myanmar?

The official English name was changed by the country’s government from the “Union of Burma” to the “Union of Myanmar” in 1989, and still later to the “Republic of the Union of Myanmar”.

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