How much is a massage in Singapore?

Massage parlour Price for 1h massage
Massage Master $55 – $60
Ancient Dynasty Spa $56
Healing Touch $58.85
Natureland $62.06 – $69.55

Where can I get massage in Singapore?

Best massages in Singapore for under $200

Massage Chain 1-hour massage Location(s)
Spa Esprit From $125 Wheelock Place, Great World City, Raffles City
Ikeda Spa From $130 Bukit Timah
CHI at Shangri La Hotel From $165 Orchard Road
AWAY Spa, W Singapore Sentosa Cove From $180 Sentosa

Why is Spa expensive?

The therapist is serving only you, and expects to make enough money to make a living doing massages. So the biggest cost of the service is the human time that the therapist invests into you, which is the reason spa services will seem expensive if you compare to discretionary spendings such as restaurants and cinema.

How long is a spa session?

A typical massage can be as short at 10 minutes, or as long as two hours. Most often, you will hear people asking for a half hour, hour or ninety minute session.

Are massages good for you?

Massage benefits can include: Reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension. Improving circulation, energy and alertness.

What kind of massage include private parts?

The yoni massage is exclusively for women and focuses on a lady’s private parts.

How much is too much for a massage?

The national average cost of a massage is $100 per session, but prices can range anywhere from $65 to $180. On an hourly basis, average massage prices range from $40 to $145 per hour.

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