How much plastic waste is in Vietnam?

According to statistics, Vietnam currently ranks fourth in the world in volume of plastic waste, with approximately 730,000 tons of plastic waste going to the sea every year. Vietnam is also known as a country with twice the amount of plastic waste compared to low-income countries.

How much plastic is used in Vietnam?

In 2017, Vietnam’s plastic industry consumed about 5.9 Mt of virgin plastic materials, equivalent to a per capita plastic consumption rate of 63 kg/capita/year (kg/cap/year).

How much waste does Vietnam produce?

Vietnam produces about 13 million tonnes of waste each year, roughly the equivalent of the Great Pyramid of Giza – twice-over. Vietnam is also one of the five Southeast Asian countries that together are responsible for more marine plastic waste leakage than the rest of the world combined.

Who is the #1 country in plastic waste?

China contributes the highest share of mismanaged plastic waste with around 28 percent of the global total, followed by 10 percent in Indonesia, 6 percent for both the Philippines and Vietnam.

How does Vietnam deal with plastic pollution?

Vietnam should set up legal framework for recycling plastic waste, reduce plastic use and find new materials to replace non-recyclable plastics, according to experts. … They buy recycled PET bottles and thermoform them, thus keeping over one billion PET bottles out of landfills each year.

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Does Vietnam recycle?

Hence, recycling is a popular activity of waste disposal in Vietnam. Hanoi of Vietnam has the highest recycling rate compared to any other Asian cities with about 20% of the municipal waste recycled. … Most of the recycling businesses in Vietnam are either informal family businesses or small scale enterprises.

What does plastic waste consist of?

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles (e.g. plastic bottles, bags and microbeads) in the Earth’s environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans.

Which country has zero garbage?

Sweden is aiming for zero waste. This means stepping up from recycling to reusing. It is early morning, and 31-year-old Daniel Silberstein collects his bike from the storeroom in his block of flats, but not before he has separated out his empty cartons and packaging into the containers in the shared basement.

Which is the cleanest country in the world?

Top 10 countries with the best environment in 2021

Place Country Scores
1 Denmark 82,5
2 Luxembourg 82,3
3 Switzerland 81,5
4 United Kingdom 81,3
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